Valkyrie Queen Slot’s Basics at a Glance

High 5 has released a slot game called Valkyrie Queen, which offers its players five reels and a two hundred and forty-three ways of winning feature. The game also offers its players wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and a tumbling reels feature. The Valkyrie Queen slot game is compatible with Windows and Apple computers, as well as a range of mobile devices.Continue reading

Caribbean Stud Online Poker Guide for You

Caribbean stud poker is a casino card game variation that is very similar to classic 5-card stud poker. The game is believed to have originated during the 1980’s, when David Sklansky created his own card game and made it popular on cruise ships that were travelling around Aruba. Sklansky’s invention is now an addition to the floors of many casinos worldwide, and Caribbean stud poker is also available online and via mobile in free and real money games.Continue reading

A Peek at Internet Casinos for Players

Australian Internet casinos came about after the advent of the internet. The first casinos launched online over twenty years ago and hundreds more have popped up over the years. They are online web sites offering casino games of all types to players around the world.

The number of software developers providing software and casino games to the industry has also grown to a meet the massive demand. They, along with technological advances, have managed to create unique games and features as well as various platforms for players to enjoy variety and better accessibility.Continue reading

A Quick Guide for You to Playing Haunted House Online Slot

Haunted Houses and the stories of paranormal activities that are usually associated with them are like a spark to flint for anyone with a lively imagination.  Not only are we captivated by stories of haunted houses in history, but our fascination with modern day stories of haunted buildings also know no bounds.

Famous modern day haunted buildings include Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Salem’s Joshua Ward House, The LaLaurie House in France and the Franklin Castle in Ohio.  Regions all over the globe seem to have at least one or more haunted house.Continue reading

An Introduction to Playing at the Best Online Casino in the UK

You may have noticed that a lot of internet casinos these days seem to cater to quite a generic international clientele. Their games are not tailored to specific markets, their payment options cater only to certain regions, and their consultants often don’t understand your needs or even speak your language. Many sites also only pay out winnings in one or two currencies, generally US dollars, and so you often end up paying costly currency conversion fees.Continue reading

Gemstone Jackpot Online Slot Basics for Players

Gemstone Jackpot is a gemstone based online slot game from the software developer Novomatic. The game features bright colours, and a very easy to use simple interface. This slots game was launched in August 2014 so is a relatively new addition to the Novomatic stable, but still has quite a decent following, especially among less serious players and novices.Continue reading

A Look at Trying out Poker Casino Games on Tablet

Players who enjoy playing the king of card games will undoubtedly be grateful for the fact that mobile poker games on tablet devices are now as widely available as they are. There are a number of websites available totally free of charge that compare these as well, allowing players to simply pick and choose the best of these and get right into play.Continue reading

Reviewing Three Wishes Online Slot for Players

Everyone wants to find that old, dusty lamp in some forgotten part of the world that when rubbed in a particular way releases a genie trapped inside, who then, grateful for being released, grants the user three wishes on whatever they desire. Of course the first wish must always be for extra wishes, though there are often parameters in place to avoid such things, since genies on the whole are rather intelligent beings. Before getting too carried away with the plot though, the topic in question is that of this Three Wishes slot game from Betsoft, which is actually themed more toward the theme of Arabia and the aspects inherent to this culture, which just so happens includes the aforementioned genie in amongst it all.Continue reading