The Origins of Video Poker

Poker is one of the most well-known and most-played card games in the world. Being linked to its origins in the 1820s in New Orleans, cards were limited to 20 per game, with four players at one game. After Poker’s popularity had spread across countries, the French brought out the more modern 52 card deck in 1850. Poker began to grow, gaining new types of cards and rules into the modern card game it is today. Professional tournaments began to start, and huge amounts of money could be won.Continue reading

Play at the World’s Biggest Casinos Online for Free

For many casino fans, there is nothing that beats the feeling of walking into one of the world’s biggest casinos. There is something about a live casino that energises the senses and stimulates the brain. However, most people are not lucky enough to live close to a major land based casino. For others, taking the time out to drive to a casino is almost impossible.Continue reading